Elevate the resident experience with Valet Living doorstep recycling 

Valet Living is committed to providing a best in class living experience for your residents by setting the standard in multifamily recycling.

  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Educate residents and on-site teams
  • Improve efficiency with on-site operations
  • Enhance living environment for residents
  • Enable market advantage leasing from your sustainability initiatives
  • Attract growing market of eco-conscious residents

With Valet Living’s doorstep recycling program, residents can recycle from the ease of their doorstep by following the same collection procedures for doorstep collection.  Residents should bag and tie their recyclables in a clear, transparent or blue bag and place them in their Valet Living containers.  

Note: Multifamily recycling guidelines may differ based on local processing capabilities and facilities.  Contact Valet Living to learn more about doorstep recycling or recycling best practices in your area.