A cleaner community.
A cleaner experience. 

Now you can let Valet Living Pet help create a clean and welcoming environment – setting a new standard in property services.   

Valet Living Pet is the partner for setting the standard in community building. Our quality pet waste stations are tailored to resident needs and those of their loved ones, ultimately contributing to higher resident satisfaction rates and cleaner common areas. And with our dedicated team on the job, yours can stay focused on the pressing daily demands of property management. This allows your time and resources to be spent where they have the most impact: improving resident satisfaction and retention.

Valuable Service. No Bones About It.

Well Groomed Expertise – Building on our waste management experience, we supply durable, low maintenance pet stations and biodegradable plastic bags to your community. Our experienced team can even take care of servicing your pet stations, ensuring the cleanliness of communal spaces and pet parks. Our national scale also allows for optimal pet station distribution and maintenance.

Value Unleashed. – With their attractive design and low-maintenance upkeep, our stations accommodate pet owners without detracting from the value of your community. 

A Walk in the Park – Helping property managers make sure their residents’ needs are met also minimizes the time and effort they need to spend on pet-related cleanup. With easy-to-read instructions and pet policy reminders on every pet station, on-site management won’t have to worry about policing residents. The ultimate result is a clean, welcoming environment that all residents are proud to call home.

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