Romeo Urbano

Service Valet

Hi Romeo, thank you for taking the time to participate in this “Meet our Associates” campaign.  Your District Manager speaks very highly of you.  Tell us – what work do you do during the day?

I’m the warehouse manager for Danish Inspirations/Home Koncepts.

So - what attracted you to Valet Living and what do you enjoy most about the role?

The 8:00 pm start time is what attracted me the most. I enjoy the physical challenge and the ability to work with little supervision.

Your manager tells me that your work ethic is exceptional and that you set the standard with your quality work every evening. What advice would you give to a new Service Valet?

A new hire would probably think it’s just a trash collection job, no big deal. I would advise this job is just as important as any other job. They should take pride in doing an excellent job because their quality of work represents who they are.

Excellent. Would you share your WHY with us?

My son is in college and plays baseball at Texas Southern University - because of his busy schedule he cannot go to school and work. The extra income I earn here helps me pay for my son's school expenses.