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Manuel Flores | Valet Living

Manuel Flores

District Manager
North Carolina

"I joined a church program called “Royal Rangers” which helped me discover something that I really enjoy, reaching out to kids with challenges that I experienced" - Manuel Flores, District Manager in North Carolina

Hi Manuel, you recently joined the team six months ago as a District Manager in North Carolina. What has your transition to Valet Living been like?

Yes, the transition to Valet Living has been a tremendous experience for me. I feel like I’ve been part of this exceptional team for not just six months, but for years. I’m so proud to be part of this team!

What recommendations do you have for a new District Manager joining our organization? Or anyone new joining our organization for that matter?

You know, this is a question that I have been asking myself plenty of times. Being involved with administration management for many years, I thought that I had enough experience for the District Manager role, but I take my hat off to all the amazing Regional Directors of Operations, Regional Managers, and District Managers out there. This is a huge role, with many activities and a big responsibility, but in the end, it’s just about learning from your leaders and the other District Managers that have been here for a while. Join the team, be part of it, get involved - then you can put your expertise into the game, and you will have the best results.

Where did you grow up, Manuel and what was that like growing there?

I was born and lived my childhood in Mexico City. My Mother and her six kids, including myself, moved to New York City when I was a teenager then I finally moved to Raleigh, NC 11 years ago. Growing up in a big city as a kid and then moving to another big and busy city like New York as a teenager was a challenge for me. But I joined a church program called “Royal Rangers” which helped me discover something that I really enjoy, reaching out to kids with challenges that I experienced. I would bring them to the church, took them camping, and other outdoor activities that Royal Rangers program offered. It taught me to develop my leadership skills when I was just 21 years old.

Thank you for sharing Manuel. What is your why? Why do you do what you do?

Having the opportunity to be a leader in this great organization is a huge opportunity for me. I want to constantly keep learning and collaborate with the team that I'm a part of to discover more proactive ways that will help to conquer not only in our professional goals but, our customers, our associates, and the company’s goals.