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Amy Leonard | Valet Living

Amy Leonard

Regional Sales Executive

Hi Amy! Thank you for participating in our new “Meet our Associates” effort. Tell us, What kind of work did you do prior to Valet Living?

Thank you for the opportunity. Before Valet Living, I worked at Apartment Guide as an Account Executive for almost six years.  2 ½ years before that I was fortunate to land a job with Bristol Development in marketing and assisting with lease-ups, and I managed a community for a year– it was my first adventure in the multi-family industry.

Have you had any unusual jobs growing up or early in your career?

My grandparents had a farm, and we lived next to them. Early on I helped plant (and then weed) tobacco, sorghum, melons, corn, all kinds of vegetables in the vegetable garden. I think Papa grew a little bit of everything.  My Dad bought a small machine shop when I was 10. I helped with janitorial duties, and as I got older, occasionally an order had to get out quickly, and Dad would need me after school to drill out parts or deburr them. In high school, I cleaned motel rooms after school two days per week to help pay for choir and volleyball trips.

Wow!  That’s pretty neat.  What does a typical work day look like for you?

Each day is different, although my morning routine is always the same; wake up, make my bed, 10 minutes of meditation, some yoga, and breakfast.  The day itself is a mix of calls, set appointments, cold calling, operations calls, current clients, sometimes industry events such as Apartment Association meetings, trade shows or client events.

So – Amy, with new rebrand how will you set the standard for your job?

A client said to me not too long ago, “Valet Waste will never change” and what she was referring to is some of the terms in our agreements. With the new rebrand, it’s important to drive home the flexibility of Valet Living and creating positive change in the industry. So remembering that it’s about our clients and finding a way to win for them will ultimately be a win for us.

Amy, you joined Valet Living 5 years ago. How do you describe the culture to those outside of our organization?

It's exciting! All the growth we've experienced is something I haven't been a part of before. Valet Living is a can do company. As a company, we do the right thing, and we really mean it.